not in a good mood

I’m not in a good mood now. I’ve just arrived to work after having a little argument on a bus on the way from Thamine to work. I was located at the far end of the bus and pushing to get near the entrance and I had to shout that I’m getting off at the next bus stop. Some guys who were infront made a comment saying why didn’t I just stand near the entrance if I was going to get off at a few stops. Normally I would have just ignored it but today I talked back to that person saying is that your problem? before I can stop myself. Then some other guy in front said take it easy. don’t be so mad. Why is it their problem? It’s not like I didn’t want to stand near the entrance but so many people got on the bus and I was pushed near the far end. What am I do them..a living joke? So what if I don’t act like a girl or a lady and don’t talk softly like a lady or act polite? I am sick of being teased or being joked around by what I dress or the way I talk or the way I walk. Why can’t they just mind their own business? I know I should have just ignored them but what give them the right to talk about me that way. Damn…I should have stepped on the foot of that person.

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