I just checked my account at filefront.com. A few …

I just checked my account at filefront.com. A few weeks ago, I uploaded a few episodes of Let’s Go to the Beach there and now they are gone. They must have deleted it while doing maintaence. Now I have to upload them again.

I’m in a sharing mood today so I uploaded a couple of songs and videos. Sorry..no caps. I’m lazy to take them.

Gummy – Bogohshipda.mp3
(This is the female version of Kim Bum Soo’s Bogohshipda)

Chae Yeon – Only you.mp3
(Her song is a little old now. I’ve only started to like that song now. She released that song and started performing arond the time Minwoo started with Bump. Maybe I was concertrating too much on Minwoo that I missed out on other singers 🙂 I used to have her mv but I can’t find it. I don’t like her mv that much. I prefer her live performances.

Only You performance

I luv this song so much. I luv the way the song is mixed with rap & classical music.
My Girl OST – Never Say Goodbye Mario & Nesty

My Girl 03. suh reun bun jjeum – KYO

lee hom wang – kiss goodbye

I’ve shared K’s Laughing vid via youtube on my blog before. I found some more vids by him. I searched for his info and found out that he released an album in Japanese. His album reached no 2 on the Japanese music chart. To reach no 2, he must be pretty good.

K – Dakishimetai vid (Japanese)

K – Girlfriend

I don’t think I’ve shared this here yet. This is K performing Laughing and some other songs on KBS show.

K- kbs show hq vid (Laughing + Just the two of us)

Hyori’s new mv is out and I’m kinda disappointed ‘cuz she sounds like Britney Spear’s Do Something. Why do they have to go after Britney’s style? BoA’s Dakishimeru also reminds me of Britney 😦

Hyori – Get Ya

credit to shinhwa changjo + solid07.net + soompi + z-degrees and me


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