embed music

I’ve embedded my fav song from Ye’ Lay album. I’ve been wanting to do that but I didn’t have a place to host my file. Big thanks to yznw for uploading the song for me.

There’s a radio program called “Yin Khone Than FM” on City FM where people can vote for their fav songs which touch their hearts. It comes around 4pm on Sundays. I always listen to it ‘cuz it’s fun to hear what people think about the songs they voted for. Ye’ Lay’s song “Hteik Sone Hmar A May” was placed at number 5 yesterday. The voters said they like that song ‘cuz it’s similar to their own experience and they learned to think from their mother’s view after listening to the song. Ye’ Lay was present at the show and some people asked him some questions such as whether his mother is still alive and he said both his parents are alive and whether he worship his mother (kadawt) on his birthday. He replied that he always do that whether it’s his birthday or not. Then City FM asked him how he feel about being placed as no 5. He said he had been listening to this program ever since it started airing hoping for his song to appear on top 5 list and when he heard the news, he was so happy that he came down to the station right away.

Congratulation Ye Lay! I am happy for him 🙂


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