rainy day concert in bkk

I’m reading about Rain’s concert in BKK which took place on the 25th 26th. I heard that Sai Sai & Htun Htun went to see his concert. I wonder on which day they went to see his show. His fans said that his performances are the best on the second day. When I heard the news about Sai Sai & Htun Htun, the first thing that came in my mind was..what if he’s singing “If you are single, raise your hand” in Korean and they raised their hands without understanding what he said. (Okay..it sounds a little bit off ‘cuz Bi would have spoke in English). What really made me laugh my head off was when my sister “what if they started to imitate him by taking their shirts off at their next shows?”. I know I sound mean to Sai Sai but thinking about it makes me laugh.

I’m going back to reading now.

edit:I think Sai Sai was going to 50Cent concert which was on the same day with Bi. Maybe the journal got it wrong. I still haven’t read it yet.


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