can’t go to concert

I can’t go to Mya Yeik Nyo concert. My friend who said she will drop us off home can’t go. I really want to see this concert. 3000kyats is really worth it and I get to see my fav singers. The crowds will be mostly hip-hop pop fans. I want to see Ye’ Lay. I’m now asking another friend. She said she’s going to ask her uncle.

Since I was depressed, I went shopping with my mother yesterday to Mingalar Zay which was closed ‘cuz it was Peasant Day. So I looked around the shops near Yuzana Plaza, bought some clothings but I was hoping to buy clothings to wear to work. I went to Yuzana Plaza to buy some Korean cds at Music King. I couldn’t find the store at all. I searched the whole 2nd floor twice but I couldn’t find the store. At first I thought the store had moved but I did see the signboard..Taiwan clothings but I didn’t see any cds. Now I have to go to Lathar to search for Korean cds. I thought about buying a dvd for my brother at the basement but I didn’t see any foreign movies at all. Just my bad luck but I did manage to buy a t-shirt for myself. So yesterday wasn’t so bad. When I went home, the electricity came back on and my friend SYM came a few mins later. We watched “Spin Kick” while eating laphat tote. I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time ‘cuz Shinhwa’s member Kim Dongwan is in it. After watching it, I realize why that movie wasn’t popular. It’s so crappy. The storyline is so lame. But still I got to watch Dongwan and Hyun Bin and that tall guy from Classic movie and A Love to Kill drama (I don’t remember his name). I think I was paying more attention to Hyun Bin :)). Dongwan’s acting is not bad but it’s the plot that’s kill the movie.

Later at night, I finished watching A Love to Kill episode 6 and watched a KBS Documentary vid about Bi. That vid is encoded with English subs so I could understand it. I didn’t finish it ‘cuz the electricity went out and it was time for bed. While watching the vid, I was thinking about his concert in BKK and how lucky Sai Sai Htun Htun got to go to his concert. I wonder how they got the ticket. Yes, they did go to see the show. I’ve read the journal and the article said they will watch 50cent concert on Sat and Rain’s concert on Sun. Htun Htun said he didn’t plan about the concert..Sai Sai another person did that. He said Rain didn’t just become famous automatically. He had trainings…you can tell by looking at his body structure (Is Htun Htun admiring Bi’s body structure?). The translation isn’t exact but it’s something like that. Other guys from his band also went to BKK with them except for one guy. I don’t remember the name ‘cuz I don’t pay attention to his band.

Okay, before I go…I just want to say that Ye’ Lay’s song “Hteik Sone Hmar A May”‘s chorus part is taken from a Korean song called “Melody”. I’ve uploaded Ye’ Lay vid to youtube and someone commented about it a few days ago. He said it was copied from a Chinese song and gave link to the vid. When I clicked on the link and listen to the song, I recognized it as a Korean song immediately ‘cuz I have that song in my Kpophits 2004 album. I haven’t been listening to that album for a long time now. I had been thinking that Ye’ Lay’s song is familiar but I couldn’t recognize it until now. I’ve listened back to the original song and compared with Ye’ Lay version. I like both version. The original version is a bit slow and Ye’ Lay’s version is a little bit faster.

Here’s the link to the vid.


4 thoughts on “can’t go to concert

  1. pls give me the link to Ye’ Lay’s vid, I wanna listen to it.
    Btw, Melody is David Tao’s masterpiece(he wrote this song for his ex-gf called Melody), Tao is a Taiwanese.

  2. pls give me the link to Ye’ Lay’s vid, I wanna listen to it.
    Btw, Melody is David Tao’s masterpiece(he wrote this song for his ex-gf called Melody), Tao is a Taiwanese.

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