busy afternoon

As I’ve have said, today’s my unlucky day and it just didn’t stop. In the afternoon, I couldn’t get my pc to connect to network group. I tried everything and in the end, the problem was that my network admin installed firewall along with virus scan to my pc. He uninstalled it and reinstalled the virus scan along with other requried stuffs like VGA, soundcard, etc. I hate having to reinstall everything after Windows was reinstalled. After network was connected, I finally could start installing other programs. Right after installing Office and Photoshop, I thought I would take a rest before starting to do my jobs. That’s when one of my customer, who I have lost contact with for 3 months visited our office and gave me new stuffs to update. I am amazed that she can talk all the time while I was feeling tired and I’m got really hungry. Not even have time for coffee break. She finally finished with her task at 5pm and now I’m posting while uploading pics of Myanmar vids to a website. I’m too tired and so hungry now. I should stop surfing the net after my job is done and go home straight or eat along the way to home. Today is surely my unlucky day. When I’m free, I have nothing to do but when I’m busy, all jobs piled up on my desk.


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