unlucky day

Today is my unlucky day. I woke up at 6:30 am but went back to sleep till 7:20 am and only got up when my mother woke me up. When I came downstairs, my father bought breakfast for me but I don’t like what he bought. My mother told me to eat so I hate half of the food and rushed to the bus stop. Lunch wasn’t ready for me so I only brought rice to work. When I arrived to work, my computer won’t start Windows. I asked around for help but they all said they will help me later. I waited for an hour and half and when I lost patience, I got up and took the cd rom from the another pc and put in on my pc. Then one of the guy started helping me with it. He said you need to format your c drive and it won’t be no use to try to copy your files. So now my c drive was formatted and all of my files are gone. I don’t even want to think about what files I have placed in c drive ‘cuz I will be full of regrets for not making backup copies. I still need to install many softwares and all of my mails in the maibox and my Firefox bookmarks are gone also. I’ll have to try to see if I stil have an old export file for my bookmarks. Nothing works out for me well. Even trying to scan some pics, I had to restart the computer twice and rescan the pics. Feeling frasturated, I leave my pc and the other pc I’m currently using to eat lunch. I went into the lunch room and before I sat down, my foot was caught up with a plastic chair and my toenail got hurt when my friend sat down on the chair.

The day is not finished and I don’t know how many more bad lucks I will have for today. Who knows, my customers might call me for not finishing their job soon or for not uploading them online yet which reminds me….I still have 4 jobs to finish and not to mention the job given my boss. It just make me mad that I have to finish jobs for others while I’m so busy with my own jobs. I can try to ask some newbies for help but I’m afraid of askin them ‘cuz they might delay my jobs and I might have to redo them again later. I’m not being mean but I just don’t trust anybody else to do my jobs while others trust me so much that they kept handing out their jobs to me. Sometimes I wonder who’s the senior here, me or them?

Off topic: Yesterday the electricity came back on at night when it’s supposed to be out. Maybe it came on ‘cuz of the 10th grade exams and might go out again after the exams.


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