Myanmar Nat Doe

I’m currently listening to some songs from Myanmar Natdoe album. My brother said he had been listening to them at work even before the album came out. These songs are really great. I’m going to choose one of the songs to use as my background music after I’ve listen to them all. I am not a big fan of Myanma Sine Wine and I always turn away whenever I hear them but now I’m beginning to like them. There are many Thingyan and DJ albums released for Thingyan but this album is going to be the best album among others.

Thank you Ko Thaxa Soe & DJ Jay for releasing this album.

I won’t be sharing the songs here ‘cuz if people get them for free, they might not buy the album.

I think I caught a cold yesterday. Now I’m feeling a little bit better. I’m only sneezing and sniffing sometimes. Maybe my nose is running due to watching A Love to Kill last night. I cried a lot :). I finally finished watching it. I know the ending already but still it’s beautifully done. Bi can really act and his acting skills are amazing but I won’t be watching this drama again unless it comes on TV. The drama is too depressing sometimes and I stopped it several times while watching to switch to watching something more fun. I like most of the casts except for the second actress ‘cuz she gets on my nerves whenever she speaks. Her accent is so different from normal Korean accents. I like most of the fans hate her also.


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