busy weekend

Since I got paid yesterday, there’s so much to do this month. Tomorrow, I’m going to have to wake up early and go to attend English classes. I’m taking English classes at U Mg Mg Hlaing to prepare for Myanmar-English and English-Myanmar translation. I’m been asked to do news articles summary for my work and I’m still don’t know most of the terms. I have to ask my father for them and I should try to write on my own without having anybody correcting it.

After Thingyan, I’m going to attend Korean classes at UFL. I can finally attend it now :D. I know I have no future with learning Korean but since I’m so crazy over kdrama & kpop music, I wanted to know more about Korean and Korean culture. I’m starting to pick up a lots of Palace terms by watching “Goong” lol :P.

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with my mom and hopefully I might get to buy what I like. She doesn’t approve that I took some money out of my salary and wanting her to buy me clothes. Well…who’s gonna pay for cds….speaking of which…gotta buy “nat doe’ album today…

As you can see, I’m writing this in a hurry….I am leaving work soon….


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