Sai Sai Birthday Live Show

On the way to work, I overheard Sai Sai song from a car that pass by and I suddenly want to go to see his Birthday live show at Kandawgyi. The price is 4000 kyats and those 500 people who got tickets to his show when they bought his cd can go for free. I wish I can go but I don’t want to ask for money from my mother anymore. I’m planning to go shopping this Sunday and we’ll have to go to a dressmaker afterward. For Thingyan, my sister is going to meditation center so my mother have to buy supplies and food for her and also buy food for Thingyan. I don’t want to trouble my mother for a concert. I wonder if Ye’ Lay’s going to be there.

I better go now. My time is up. Before I go, I want to share something from youtube. It’s the instrumental songs from Goong. I luv listening to them.


One thought on “Sai Sai Birthday Live Show

  1. Sai Ram
    Beloved Bhagwaan!
    Happy Birtheday
    I want to develope a water bottle and a writing plate for village Children with Sai Logo and Sai to distribute. Help me do it Swamy,
    Sai Ram

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