Hein Zaw (Acid) passed away

(the one from the left side)

Hein Zaw(Acidic Acid) from Myanmar first hip-hop group ACID passed away on April 10th. His obituary is in the newspaper today. I don’t read newspaper that much but I just heard the news from a friend. Just last week, there was an article about Acid no longer using the band name and now this. I was hoping it was just a rumor. I feel so sad ‘cuz he’s one of my fav rapper in Myanmar. Unlike some singers, he has his own styles and his songs are catchy. Rest in Peace, Ko Hein Zaw.

Staring from tomorrow, Thingyan festival will start. I have not been able to concentrate at work since yesterday. Maybe I caught the Thingyan virus. I have been preparing myself for Thingyan by collection dramas to watch during the holiday. I asked a friend of mine to let me borrow a few dvd but he brought a bag full of dvds which are mostly Korean. Now I’ll be extremely busy during the holiday with Wonderful Life & movies to watch.

I got bonus from work today for Thingyan festival. They wanted to prepare a car to go around the city during Thingyan but some of the staffs don’t agree so we just got bonus. I wish we could have go around the city with a car. We went like that 2 years ago and it was fun. I didn’t even have to pay for lunch ‘cuz my boss took care of it. Everyday I just had to wait for the bus near his house or work and they picked me up. I want to go out but nobody offer to go with them. I don’t want to go to mandats ‘cuz I don’t want to waste my money paying for mandate and then not be able to use the water pipe for long. I won’t fit in with the crowd ‘cuz I don’t want to dance around on stage and I am not the kind who will have fun at those places anyway.

I tired to think of what I did during Thingyan when I was little but I can’t remember a single thing. I spent some of my childhood oversea and my first Thingyan after I got back was in 2000. At that time, I go to a road near my house with some neighbors and throw water at passing cars with water bucket. For the other years after 2000, the neighborhood kids and teens got together in front of my house and throw water to passing cars. It was fun doing that although others might laugh at use ‘cuz we seem childish. I only got tired of Thingyan last year ‘cuz my friend visited my house and her boyfriend from my neighborhood was at my house too. I got sick of having to turn away from that couple in my own house. (Btw, they got married and my friend is pregnant now..at least they won’t be visiting this year).

My sister went to meditation center yesterday and she’ll be staying there for a whole week. My brother said he’s going out with his work for one day with a car. For the rest of the day, he said he’ll mediate at home. I can’t go to meditation center ‘cuz I won’t be able to adjust to it. I don’t’ like being away from home sleeping in unfamiliar places, etc. I don’t know whether my sister will adjust or not. She’s always hungry in the afternoon and likes to eat Rakihe moat tee or a thote or kee marr.

I wish everyone a happy new year. I have been planning to write this post for a couple of days now but now I’m just not in the happy mood ‘cuz of Hein Zaw death.

I uploaded Eain Mat Thingyan vcd. Click below to download. I wished I uploaded Alpine Thingyan but the connection was slow to upload songs. I can’t even upload to youtube.

Eain Mat Thingyan

credit to http://www.planet.com.mm (pic)


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