3rd Thingyan Day

April 15th, 2006

I’m quite bored now. I have been using the computer almost all day. I hardly leave the computer when the electricity is on. I should just watch movies that I borrowed but my brother is watching Ice Age and I missed some parts so I will just watch it later. I have been spending my holiday watching “Wonderful Life” drama. I’m almost finished now. I just got a little bored watching it straight for 3 days now. The drama is good and I like the casts but I don’t feel like it’s the greatest drama I’ve watched. I just watch the drama and forget about it later except for the little kid who’s just so cute. Maybe it’s because I watched it straight instead of just watching 1 or 2 dramas per day. The songs aren’t that catchy either. I can hardly remember the songs while I can remember other drama songs when I only watch them one episode per day.

My brother went out with his friends from work today. He went to Pyay Road and got stuck there. One of the things I don’t like about Thingyan is that there are so many traffics at Inya Road and Sayar San Road and you have to wait the whole day to get sprinkle by some water. There’s no fun in being sun baked while waiting in the car. Another thing I don’t like it that it’s just all business now. During Thingyan, prices will rise and you have pay twice to eat something. You have to pay huge amount of money to singers to come and sing at your mandat. You have to pay a lots of money to built mandats and spend your time finding sponsers. What’s so good about mandats when you just go there to dance to the music in front of people and get? Some girls wear flashy clothes and get drunk so bad that they have no shame at all. I kept hearing things like that every year. I’m just losing the spirit now. To me, Thingyan is a 5 days holiday for me to rest at home.


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