New Year Day

April 17th, 2006

Today’s the New Year day so I told myself to put myself into a good mood and try to finish cleaning the house or at least my room ‘cuz I haven’t tried to clean it during my holiday. Yesterday, I got rid of some stuff that isn’t necessary for me anymore including school papers, etc. I put them in the trash bin and when I do house cleaning, I found them back again near the computer. I really just hate it. I’m trying to do get rid of unnecessary things and my parents are always putting them back when I threw them away. Same reason why I couldn’t get rid of half of my clothes in my wardrobe ‘cuz they won’t let me give them away. I am feeling really pissed again. Why can’t they just leave my stuffs alone? This time I’ll really throw them away or burn them. I lost the mood to clean the house. I was happily doing my work while singing along to Goong ost.

Not a really nice way to start off a new year. I know I haven’t really been writing interesting stuffs during my holiday. I’ve been just whining around and bickering around ‘cuz others have fun at Thingyan while I got stuck at home with nothing else to do but to watch movies and dramas. I envy those people who can go out and have fun with their friends, I went out during the evening yesterday but what’s so fun about going out with your parents.


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