Thingyan A Kyo Day

April 13th, 2006

Today I spent my day doing spring cleaning at home. There was so much to do although I was only brooming the house. I always take my time while cleaning and wiping the tv stand carefully, taking out cds and wiping the surfaces. Meanwhile, my brother and my father were setting up furniture downstairs. My brother got a new dresser in his room and took his old one to use at bookstand. There’s another computer desk but since we don’t have another computer, we are using it as a study desk in the family room and a cupboard to place downstairs. I don’t have to sit down at a table to write news articles translation. I always wanted a desk but we didn’t have any to spare. There are still boxes to get rid of like old cassette tapes, school books which I have been telling my mother to get rid of many years ago, etc. After lunch, I stopped working and was only organizing journals in order. Not much to organize ‘cuz we only read Myanmar Times and Weekly Eleven. Electricity came back at 2pm so I started watching “Wonderful Life” drama while my brother and his friend watch “The Incredibles” on TV. I don’t know whether I’ll have time to watch movies on TV. I tried to watch “S Diary” last night but since it has some inappropriate parts, my mother started talking about how it’s so nice to watch from TV ‘cuz they are censored and you don’t have to watch these kinda of stuffs. So I have to watch something else. I really hate it when I can’t watch a movie peacefully without people talking while I’m watching and asking me to skip when there are some censored parts. Well, there wasn’t anything in S Diary anyway. It’s so annoying and I’m 22 (well..almost) and I am mature enough to watch these movies. It’s not like I’m watching porn. It’s just some scenes which can’t be avoided ‘cuz you miss the point if u skip them (well..for some of the movies…) The only solution is watch when my parents aren’t around. I had to wait a long time to watch April Snow ‘cuz they are always around when I have time to watch it. My friend gave me Sex is Zero movie also. I really going to take a long to watch it to wait for the room to be clear 😀

Where was I anyway? Oh yeah…I watched kdrama. Even though it’s Thingyan, I don’t feel like it’s Thingyan at all. Maybe it’s cuz my neighborhood is kinda quiet except for some kids who are throwing water around in front of my house. One thing I like about Thingyan is the neighbors are always giving our house one thing to eat after another. Today, a neighbor brought Shwe Yin Aye but I didn’t eat it ‘cuz it was too sweet and there wasn’t enough for my brother and his friend. I wonder if my family is going to make mote lone yay paw. It’s fun making mote lone yay paw. My cousin always say I’m make mote kyar sae instead of mote lone yay paw ‘cuz my mote lone are always too small. Also I like to insert big pieces of htan nyat.

I’m thinking of sharing Hein Zaw videos on youtube. I’m currently listening to his album. His songs are really good. I just don’t listen to him ‘cuz as you know I’m more of a big fan of kpop. If I listen to 5 albums in a day, I’ll probably only listen to one Myanmar album and I might not listen to all the songs. I have been noticing that most people oversea are more interested in Myanmar music than me and they are always asking me to share songs with them. I am kinda scared of being accused of piracy but since I really want to share, I can reduce the file quality and share on youtube. I also want to share Yuzana songs online. I want to create a group for Hein Zaw and Yuzana. I just need to find time to upload them. Sometimes the connection fails when I tried to upload online.


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