My Sister’s Birthday Party

Today’s my sister’s birthday. She’s 23 now. She had a birthday party yesterday at home. Since she doesn’t have any money on her own, she couldn’t treat them out so I suggested her to treat them moehingar. My cousin cooked the food and everybody else like it except for me. I dont really like mohingar excpt for the pepper mohingar at Kyauk Myaung. That moehingar is really delicious. I stil don’t know the exact location of the shop. My father’s friend always buys them for our family whenever he visits. We didn’t get to take a group pic with Sandar ‘cuz we were watching Myanmar vcds and gossiping about the singers and we forgot. She left early for her evening class at downtown. I got some tips for cloth design from Myat Hteik Tin. I have bought a couple of cloths but I still haven’t go to my dress maker ‘cuz I don’t know what design I should make.

I was busy the whole morning cleaning up the house yesterday while my sister didn’t even help me out. She’s the one who was having the party and she spent the morning reading journals and washing her clothes. Out of all days, she had to choose Sunday to do laundry while I was wiping the floor. I got really pissed at her. I am never going to clean the house for her birthday party again if she even decide to do a party next year.

Sai Sai & Thet Mon Myint are shooting a movie MICT now. MICT had become a shooting scene for Myanmr film industry since everbody got tired of shooing at the universities. The funny thing is they never concerate on the classes that the casts are supposed to be attending at all. It’s just shots of actors and actresses checking each other out, going to canteen, etc. I got tied of seeing MiCT used for such ridiculous acts in a Nine Nine video.

In my opinion, Sai Sai looks like Kim Jung Hoon, Yul Goong from Goong drama. I scanned his pic from Fashion Image and place it side by side with KJH and mailed my friends but none of them agree with me. I still think they look alike esp their smiles. Yul Goong’s smiles warmed up the drama and so do Sai Sai although I never really dig his movies or vids. I’m only a fan of his music. Speaking of Sai Sai, I read in Myanmar Times that he’s gonna release his diary to the public soon. The diary includes a love letter to someone who he never gave to. I hope the price is reasonable. I haven’t read his first novel ‘cuz the price was 1700 kyats and I didn’t think it was worth it. Pretty expensive for a novice writer but many girls bought them ‘cuz they like him.

Here’s the pic that I sent to my friends. I know the KJH pic didn’t look alike with Sai Sai but that was all I could find at home.


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