random thoughts again…

Sometimes I’m just really stupid. I have been wondering why my sitemeter status is so low and sometimes I got depressed about it. Today, I was editing my template and I realized that there’s no code for sitemeter in my template at all. I must have removed it when I edited from Frontpage.Yesterday the electricity was supposed to come from 2pm to 11pm but as usual, it went out at 9 pm and came back later 10:15 pm. I had to wait a long time for my sister to get off the pc and the electricity went out. So I spent the time reading this month issue of Fashion Image magazine. Sai Sai & Zu Zu Mg were on the cover for this month :). I was so happy to see his pics again. There are some singles shots of Sai Sai & Zu Zu Mg and then some couple pics. I luv the last pics featured in the magazine. Sai Sai was sitting on a bench and Zu Zu Mg was on him. It’s a pretty romantic pose but if I see a real couple doing that outside, I might say they have no shame at all. If I’m a bad mood, I might shout “Get A Room!”. I asked my sister to take some pics of Sai Sai and the couple pic today but I don’t know whether she’ll remember to do so. I’m thinking of mailing fashion image for the pic. Fashion Image website isn’t updated anymore. So today, I searched on Google with the keyword ‘myanmar fashion image’ and guess who ranked no 2. Me!

You might think big deal but if you work for a web development company like me, search engine ranking is a huge thing. I’m thinking of adding my list to http://www.myanmarmyanmar.com but I need to work on a description. I don’t want to be listed as the usual…a personal website of blah.blah.blah.

Also included in the magazine is a conversation between Professor Khin Mg Win (A Thae’) and Sai Sai. It’s not like the usual interviews you read in journals and magazines ‘cuz they both come from different background. The conversation will continue for next month ‘cuz you can hardly call it a conversation. No offense but the doctor talks too much, praising Sai Sai (although he said he’s not doing that because he’s writing about it) and telling how much he like his music and lyrics and Sai Sai hardly talked much. Also the pics to Sai Sai are cute but they took space for the conversation.

Someone from Monywa requested the magazine to write about M (Minwoo) and Jang Woo Hyuk. Hah…we have the same taste but she’s in Monywa. I want to know someone in Myanmar who like kpop music as much as I do. It’s so hard to have conversations with my friends about kpop music.

Most of the times, I feel quite lonely. Even thought I’m always logged in Gtalk, hardly many people talks to me. Sometimes they just come to say hi and they stopped chatting. I can’t blame them. I also don’t know how to continue conversations with them. Sometimes there are people that I don’t know coming to chat with me. I tried to be polite and reply back to them but after awhile I lost interest in them. I want new friends but I am sick of having to repeat saying the same things over and over again.

So most of my free times at work are spent surfing the net. Most of the times I spent a lot of times writing a post in NativeMyanmar or reading topics at soompi and shinhwachangjo. While surfing the net, I’ll be watching videos I’ve downloaded at the same time.

So when I leave home, I’m alone again but I always put my thoughts to a song I’m addicted or Goong…etc to pass the time being alone. People might think I’m weird ‘cuz I was always smiling to myself. Sometime I walk home with other people but I felt like an extra, not being included in their conversation or they don’t listen to what I’m saying and talk only among themselves or about themselves. I feel like a fool trying to talk to them so I stopped doing that.

People only regard me as a girl addicted to Korean drama and Korean related. Just today someone was saying the meaing to a Korean word and I corrected him and another person said listen to her, she knows better..she’s a Korean database (or something like that). It’s not like I study them for a living but it had become my hobby. I can hardly concerate on any other things like American music, movies, Myanmar videos, etc. Half of the time, I don’t know what people are talking about when they are discussing about a American film or a Myanmar video they watched. There are people who do this for a living like those people who write articles about Korean celebs and dramas in magazines and journals but I’m not like them. The information they provide are sometime outdated and incorrect. My sister said why don’t you try writing but who’s going to accept my articles anyway. I suck in Myanmarsar. My grammar is always wrong. I know people are being nice to me but if it was another person reading the reviews I’ve written at NVM forum, I will really comment that it’s not interesting like those in the magazines.

I really should try to focus on improving my photoshop skills. I know I suck in Photoshop so I always say to myself to try to find tutorials online but when I’m surfing the net, I always forgot to search for them. I always take a long time to design a template while others can finish in an hour or two. I think the main reason is that I lack artistic taste (a nu pyin yar a myin).

Tomorrow is Kasone Full Moon Day so I have a day off..yay…I’m going to stay home and read books and watch movies on my day off. I’ll try not to watch kdrama ‘cuz I’ll be watching kmovie ha ha…

And tomorrow is also the release date of SHINHWA’s 8th album, State of the Art. I doubt that many viewers of my blog will be interested but if you plan to buy the album online, it’s better to buy from Korea online stores rather than from other sites like yesasia ‘cuz if you buy from Korea, the sales numbers get counted and who knows…Shinhwas will be winning the Daesang this year again. You can order the album from ShinhwaChangjo. Click here for details. I wish I can order but I just can’t spare my money on an album. I don’t get to spent much ‘cuz I never get to use them all up. You all know the inflation in Myanmar. Last time I heard 1 dollar equal to 1400 kyats. It makes me depressed. At least I can look forward to their performances on TV. I am just repeating their last performaces in Japan. It’s so good to see them back together again. The guy beside kept looking at me, probably thinking I’m weird ‘cuz I’m singing along to How Do I Say performance, moving my hands and tapping my feet while watching the performace. If I was at home, I sing louder he he…although I don’t know the exact lyrics. I woke my mother late one night while watching a Loveletter (it’s a Korean game show) episode with Shinhwa and Han Ji Hye. I was laughing so hard at midnight and my mother thought something was wrong with me.

Here’s the cover of their album. They have gotten more handsome over the year.

I should go home early. It’s getting dark outside now.

Edit: I edited my spelling mistake for grammar now. Lol….I’m talking about grammar mistakes and I mis-spelled it.


3 thoughts on “random thoughts again…

  1. My daughter is a big Korean fan – music, culture, language. What you said here reminded me of her. She listens to some radio stations and follows on youtube and even won some albums and such. You may get along pretty well with her. She’s teaching herself Korean and Japanese words and totally immersed (or obsessed) in their culture.

    • How old is she? It’d be nice to become friends with her but the truth is I’m not a crazy fan of Korean culture anymore. This blog post was written a long time ago and I’d just corrected some spelling and grammar mistakes yesterday.

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