Shall We Dance

I think my cd-writer is broken now. It doesn’t work anymore and I might have to buy a new one next month. Why do I have to spend money for the computer almost all the time? I spent more money on the computer than for myself. I hardly buy beauty products, fashion accessories, clothing for myself but I’m always spending my money on the computer. Last month, we bought a UPS and a few months ago, we had to replace the motherboard. I hope I can talk my parents into buying a dvd writer.

At least I got to finish watching Shinhwa Comeback Special video from a cd I burned on Saturday and some fanmade Goong vids. I was watching Hyori’s latest vid and it ate up the pc’s memory so I deleted it. Now I wish I didn’t ‘cuz I can’t copy from the cd again.

I’m looking for the Shinhwa performance on youtube but I don’t see it online. I think I still have the vid in my pc. Maybe I should just upload it myself.

Here’s Hyori’s Shall We Dance vid. I think guys will luv this vid. I like the song but don’t like the vid that much. Enjoy!


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