connection’s better

The connection at MICT is better now. The other Bagan Net users still can’t login but we can access internet now. Members from abroad at NVM are saying they are bored right now ‘cuz there are hardly any active posts but I’m still trying to catch up. I got so much things to do. First of all, I have to mail to my sister’s friend. Our computer is having a problem (and prayer didn’t work). Since she can’t use the pc, she said she’s gonna go to cybercafe but I told her not to bother. Then I will have to find solutions to fix my computer on the web. I am not going to send it to another shop. I can ask my brother to bring the hard disk to his work and copy the files he need before I bring it to work to copy my files. I’m thinking of formatting c drive and installing Windows after that at work. Since the internet is connected at work, I can download the latest softwares needed for the pc.

I still working on my blog template. I haven’t even started actually. I’m still searching for the header pic. Why does Spring Waltz website has to be in flash? It’s so slow to browse flash websites.

I was feeling well on Wednesday so I stayed home yesterday and rested and slept a lot. I didn’t have a fever or anything but my head felt so drowsy and I didn’t feel like moving around. My mother, my cousin and my brother are sick also. I decided to come to work even if I still wasn’t feeling well ‘cuz the sick atmosphere at home was making me sicker than I actually was.

I was feeling a bit drowsy yesterday morning so I didn’t watch any movies and watch Goong instead. I was feeling better but what really made me felt better was when I watched a vcd and I was laughing so hard. No, it wasn’t a korean movie or any other movie. It was “A Chit Shi Taw Nay Swel Myar” vcd. I can’t stop laughing whenever I watch it. I always crack up when I watch “Mine Paung Ka Day” song with a girl showing around a big rich house. One of the reason why I rarely watch Myanmar vcds which aren’t live shows. I was only interested in watching “A Chit Shi Taw Nay Swel Myar” ‘cuz it’s one of my fav Myanmar song. (I think I already wrote about this vcd already here)

Since the pc’s broke, I can’t contine watching Spring Waltz. Maybe I’ll watch a few episodes at work. I only can watch ep 8 and 9 for now ‘cuz the subs for the rest of the episodes aren’t released yet. I am amazed at those subbers. I only did a sub for a 4 min vid with about 7 lines and it took me 3 hours.

One of the main reason why we all luv Korean drama is due to those translators and subbers. If their translation is bad, we wouldn’t be able to understand or feel the plot or storyline. I stopped watching dramas on TV but I really enjoyed watching Firebird drama ‘cuz that translator is talented. His translations for Eric’s lines were so poetic and fit so well with Myanmar language.

I think when we watch kdrama, we all ignored the people who are behind the hardwork and only enjoyed the story or the pretty faces of the actors and actresses. I’m guilty of that also.


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