Myanmar’s internet link with outside world fails for fourth day

Myanmar’s internet link with the outside world continued to fail for the fourth day after Tuesday afternoon without web access internationally but locally.

The sole state-run service provider, the Myanmar Teleport ( previously known an Bagan Cybertech), attributed the result to failure of internet backbone link.

Companies relying on internet to run their businesses are being affected, business circle said, blaming the poor international communication links.

However, such phenomenon is understandable, it noted.

The service provider is carrying out urgent repair, saying that normal service will resume as soon as the link is repaired.

According to official statistics, the number of internet users in Myanmar reached 63,700 as of the end of 2005, up from merely a few thousands in 2000, registering the highest rate of increase in five years in Southeast Asia region.

Despite the sharp increase, the number of internet users in the country still stands the least compared with other SEA countries with one internet user per 1,000 population.

Meanwhile, Myanmar has projected to add internet service centers to over 100 townships in the country during this year to facilitate communications especially in the sectors of business and education.

Source: Xinhua


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