May 31

Today is May 31th and the Myo Kyawt Myaing song is stuck in my head.
“May tway..ywar thon nay lae”

“Koe seit twae lay nay tae May 31….”

Aung Kaung Htet sang it back in 12 Yar Thi A Chit album. His version isn’t that bad but I felt like crying the first time I heard it. I still prefer MKM version. I would have uploaded the song and probably typed the lyric if the connection was better and my computer hadn’t broke down. I checked back on my sister’s lyric blog and she didn’t post it there. Humm…she hasn’t update it for a pretty long time now.

I’m still working on my Myanmar blog template. At first I was going to make a Spring Waltz theme but I couldn’t find the exact pic I wanted. I wanted a pic of young Su-ho and Eun Young playing in the yellow field. I could only find a pic of Su-ho standing in the field. Also I got lazy and decided to just use my Goong banner as the template ‘cuz I already edited it. Even through the connection was quite slow, I’ve been browsing Photoshop sites looking for tutorials in using brushes. I want to create more artistic designs but I don’t know where to start. I’m still looking for the right tutorial.

Today’s pay day and I hope my salary increases :). I need to fix my computer, save money to buy DVD writer, do some shopping for new clothings and plus my birthday’s next month so I have to treat my colleagues from work. I’ll worry about treating my friends later. (I’m scared of them actually. I’m still thinking of treating them at home….ha ha…I’m trying to be cheap)


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