Korean Fair at Karaweik

I was pretty bored at home on Sunday so at first I thought about going to Yuzana Plaza to check out some hair accessories and fashion earrings alone but as I was eating lunch, my sister who was reading the newspaper said that there’s a Korean trade show at Karaweik. I got interested ‘cuz I saw a pic of women surrounded around what looks like fashion accessories. I was hoping to find some hair clips or some earrings there. So my sister and I went to Karaweik first, paid 300 kyats each for the gate fee. The price went up from 100 kyats then before. I haven’t been to Kandawgyi ever since it was redecorated. I felt disappointed when I arrived to the fair. They were only selling school supplies for kids, office supplies, cosmetic supplies (like brushes, pencil sharpners), plastic briefcases and files, kids vitamins, stuff animals (Thai import), etc. I did see a place where they sell fashion accessories. There was only 2 products anyway, a 2 in 1 watch bracelets and some hair clips for older women which is heavy to even hold in my hand. I can’t believe I wasted 600 kyats for nothing. There was nothing to do at the park and it was drizzling a bit so we walked to a small bridge nearby and took some pics of the Karaweik and left for Yuzana Plaza. On the way, I was thinking of a quote from Wedding drama in which Jang Nara said it’s embarrassing to go to amusement parks, zoo or gardens alone ‘cuz it’s only children and people who are dating go there (or with friends in my opinion). I don’t think I’ll go back there again unless I have somebody to go with.

I regretted that I went to the plaza with my sister ‘cuz she kept disappearing in shoe shops. I have no patience to wait for her. That’s why I wanted to go alone. I spent an hour at the plaza but I couldn’t find what I wanted. All of the accessories look the same to me, pretty ones are expensive, cheap ones are just cheap and no unique styles. I only bought a 8 in 1 Korean movie dvd. I saw some kdramas there but I am afraid that they won’t have subs. I really want to watch My Girl again (this time on TV). I kept thinking about it lately ‘cuz I want to watch Lee Junki back again.

I meant to write this yesterday but the electricity went out after 6 pm and I had to go home. I’m so happy today ‘cuz the connection speed is normal again and I can download files now.


4 thoughts on “Korean Fair at Karaweik

  1. wow..my girl on tv?myawady or mmtv..
    lee junki…i juz watched ‘the king and clown’.
    he was lik a gay..his skin is flowless..and so fair

  2. wow..my girl on tv?myawady or mmtv..
    lee junki…i juz watched ‘the king and clown’.
    he was lik a gay..his skin is flowless..and so fair

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