new hairstyle

I finally got a haircut on Sunday. I’ve been deciding whether to cut my hair or not for the past months but I finally do it ‘cuz my birthday is approaching and I want to look nice on my birthday. I had to go to the salon early in the morning ‘cuz I made an appointment with my friends to meet at SD’s house by 1pm. I think I got my last hair cut in March. At that time, my hair was over my shoulder and it made me look older. I wanted the haircut Han Jin Hye had in My Boyfriend is Type B movie. It was just a plain haircut, just over the shoulder but instead I got a haircut which they said resemble Chaw Yadanar. They said it’s a 2 step hairstyle. I don’t know much about hairstyles so I couldn’t explain clearly about the style I wanted. As I wasn’t interested in Myanmar models, I didn’t know her latest hairstyle. It looked nice at the salon but after a few days, I started to hate it ‘cuz it look nothing like the one I wanted and I look so messy. A week later, I chopped of the messy hair but still it was in the 2 step hairstyle. I looked on the web and I don’t see anything about step hairstyles. I think it’s call layer hairstyle in English.

After the lady was done with my hair, I looked in the mirror and I was shocked that I had my last hairstyle again so immediately I told her to make the hair just a bit longer than my bangs. I wasn’t satisfied with the fact the she made the bangs shorter and now it kept getting in my eyes. Well…what did I except, after all it’s just 700 kyats per haircut. Ma PP recommended to go to a beauty salon by a Korean stylist but I think it might be a little bit expensive but even if I go there, my hair should be longer so that I can have a nice hairstyle. Maybe I’m just not fit to have modern hairstyles which look nice on others but always end up a mess on me. I have thick hair so they never look nice like other people. A lot of people complain about having thin hair but I envy them for being to have a nice hairstyle ‘cuz their hairs are thinner than mine.

I’m going to wait and see how my hair will look for a month. If I get tired, I might just cut a really short hairstyle just below my ears, sort of like Shin’s sister’s hairstyle in Goong. It will look really wild ‘cuz normal people like me will never go for that kind of style.

After I left the salon, I went back home and went to SD’s house after lunch. I was 45 minutes late when I got there. Then we ate some snacks at a nearby food center and look around a bit in Victoria shop before going to Yankin Center. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but my friend wanted to go there. There was a sales promotion at Yankin Center and I saw some guys dancing to N’Sync’s Pop song. Since I didn’t see the whole performance, I can’t judge on their dance. I don’t care much about those promotion shows but I got some D12 photo cards with Sai Sai in different poses with his hairs in braids. Man…I wanted Ye Lay card ‘cuz he’s also models for D12 but there wasn’t any there..looks like they only made Sai Sai cards.

I went to Today bookshop and bought a book by Ta Doe Yar Za, another pen name of Min Khite Soe San. I was interested in that book ‘cuz I read a review in a magazine and it said the plot is based on a R.L Stine book. The reviewer didn’t mention the original book name but I already knew the name after reading the summary as I was a big fan of Goosebumps series. The book is based on Say Cheese and Die. Min Khite Soe San said he wrote that book in 1997 but it was never published till now. He uses that pen name ‘cuz the story is based on another book although he only took the plot and wrote the whole story on his own and he didn’t want to damage the other pen name ‘cuz it doesn’t contain philosophy like his other books. The price was only 1050 kyats so I think it’s fair. I’m still reading it and although it’s based on R.L Stine, the story feels different. At some parts, he added suspense like in Goosebumps book. I’m a bit confused about his introduction at the beginning. If he said he didn’t want to damage his pen name, then why did he write that novel about a mirror which can make you invisible. I remember reading a Goosebumps book about it but I think he wrote on his own while basing on the plot. My sister said if he doesn’t want to damage his pen name, then what about those Harry Potter books that he translated. Whatever the reason is, I still like his books even when the plots are based on other books and his translation for Harry Potter is the best in Myanmar.

Sorry about my post being long….I always write long posts unlike others who write short posts. I read that people don’t have time to be reading long paragraphs when they are surfing online but I can’t help it.

I took a photo of me last night but I forgot to bring the larger version. I am thinking of using this pic for my profile.


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