Why Do I Blog?

I don’t remember if I ever wrote about this before. A week ago, there was a topic asking about what’s the use of blog in Native Myanmar forum and I had answered back that I blog ‘cuz I wanted a place where I can say whatever’s on my mind when nobody’s there to talk to nor listen to me. At least in blog, I can say whatever I want without minding people. I like to express my thoughts freely and if I offended somebody, I’m sorry but I can’t help it. That’s what I feel. I don’t even know if my blog title is correct. When I first registered at blogger, I didn’t know what title to choose and suddenly the name “Speaking Out Loud” came into my mind so I chose that name. It wasn’t until I flipped through Myanmar Times that I realized where I got that name. There’s a column in Myanmar Times call “Thinking Out Loud” which only features in the Myanmar version now. It is translated “Pyaw Pya Chin Taw Atway Myar”. Hah..now I got the translation for my Myanmar blog title. Even through the words are different in English, the translation sounds the same in Myanmar.

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. Whatever! Whatevre!
    Your blog and daily life are really nice to read. Good writing and so resourceful for Korean Actors and Actress’ news.

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