X-Man, Love Letter, etc on youtube links

This is from my post at TV Drama & Series topic at NativeMyanmar forum.

Does any of you watch Korean TV game shows like X-Man, Love Letter, etc? I know Taungzalattlay watched some ‘cuz we discussed about it via chat. When I first came upon X-man shows and Love Letter shows in Shinhwa Changjo forum, I didn’t download them ‘cuz I thought I couldn’t understand them without subs. Now I’ve been watching some of the epsidoes by downloading and watching with subs or watching online at youtube. They sure are really funny. A lots of Korean celebs mostly singers participate in these shows. I’m still new to these shows so I’m only checking out shows with Shinhwa and Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook.

I’ll introduce you guys to some of my fav clips.

xman episode 50 pt 1 [17.10.2004] shinhwa sub
(This is the truth game. You have to say Yes..(or of course?) to stay in the game and you have to knock down your opponent. The clip starts off with Eric & Eun Hye.)

Xman #14 Dangyunhaji – Infamous Porn CD Incident (en)
(this is the prequel to the truth game to the above vid…hyesung asked about staying late at night and they had a flashback to this vid…this is so funny)…

Xman #28 Dangyunhaji – Yoo Min vs Kim Jong Min
(Kim Jong Min is one of the funniest guy on the shows. He can be such a loser but I like him. In this clip, he was confessing his love to a girl)

Shinhwa – Cartoon Hero
(This is from my own collection. It’s just cuts of them dancing to a song…so cute)

Shinhwa serenading to Han Ji Hye
another clip with Han Ji Hye…they are singing soulmate, changing the lyrics a bit and their dance steps are funny ‘cuz they are dancing like HyeSung who only dance to crab dance and sweeping the floor dance in the show)

X-man Micky vs. Eun Hye
(Love triangle with KJK, Eun Hye and Mickey from DBSK)

Xman #15 Wrestling Challenge – Yun Eun Hye Superwoman (en)
(I can’t believe she beat Kang Ho Dong)

SBS best Eric vs Bi
(This is just a clip comparing Eric and Bi using cuts from their dramas and mvs and cfs)

Happy Together – Shinhwa – Singing Spoon Cut – 09.30.04
(Ouch..poor guys…they get hit by flying patters)

Happy Together – Eng subs / Part 1
(I’m still watching…You can search for the rest of the clips online)\

I almost forgot Ya Shim Sha Man clips
YSMM f. Rain/Bi,Tak Jae Hoon,Lee Whee Jae (part 1)
(This is the first part of a show with Bi and Kim Jong Kook. In thisclip, Bi talked about the kind of woman he likes and ther other guysmake fun of him.)

YSMM f. Rain/Bi,Tak Jae Hoon,Lee Whee Jae (part 9)
(In this clip, Kim Jong Kook and Bi talked about their airplane incidents. So hilarious. I started noticing KJK after this show)


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