There are a couple of reasons why I resent online chatting. I hate it when people ask about my personal life like what’s my name, where do I live, where do I work and worst of it all, my ph no. Sometimes I might be having a nice conversation with a person but when that person starts asking my real name, I told him no politely at first. But if that person kept pushing that idea, I started to get tired of that person. I’m not being secretive at all. I mean I have this blog (okay, I have two) where I let out all my feelings. Shouldn’t people be more interested in my feelings, my interests rather than asking my name and for my photos? I am sick of it. I have always uploaded my photos like sites like Friendster, Zorphia and to my blog also. (I also changed it recently due to a seminar about blogging) and I even have a photo gallery where people are still viewing my photos every week. Isn’t that enough? Just type for my name in the search engine and you’ll probably find a page with my photo. Just stop asking for personal info about me. I didn’t choose the name madyjune for no reason. If I wanted to reveal my real name, I would have chose to use my real name. I prefer nicknames ‘cuz being called by my id is like a getaway from my dull boring life. It makes me feel uneasy when people I meet online start calling me by my real name. Why is it so necessary? I am not looking for a relationship at all. I just want to make friends. Why are photos necessary anyway? What if I look ugly and fat? Is that person hoping to find a pretty girl online to start making a relationship? If that’s what you have in mind, you got the wrong person. I am not someone who is interested in flirting around online. I could have lied about real name, where I live, where I work but I hate lying so instead I only chose to refuse to answer. When I really think about it, sometimes I maybe online and I have nobody to chat with (‘cuz I rarely start chatting with someone on my own and I only wait for someone to chat with me ) so if someone came along to chat with me, I replied back and it’s always me who was answering the questions. I hardly ever ask a question, probably ‘cuz I wasn’t interested in that person’s affairs. When chatting was first introduced in Myanmar, everyone at work was having fun chatting online but I felt like an outcast who couldn’t fit with the chatting group. Boy was I relieve to discover Bagan Net forum. I finally have someone who will reply back to me and someone I can reply back to. Now I can’t kept up with forum ‘cuz I don’t have much time and I’m always web surfing so many sites during my free times. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because I always go to forums, I expect the chatters to be like a forum where you can discuss a topic and reply back and forth without getting into personal affairs.

Anyway to get back to the topic, I don’t believe in online relationship, Can it really work without knowing who that person is? I’ve seen some online relationship and I wonder whether that guy or girl would have chose their partners if they weren’t good looking or are from different races? No offense anyone. It’s just that after seeing some guys’ reactions to their online partners and friends, I started to distrust people who are seeing relationships. Not that I was ever in a relationship. I like my life the way it is. I also don’t believe much in online friendship also ‘cuz I had some friends who were so nice to me and we always chatted and mailed each other back and forth but later they stopped mailing me and I hardly see them online. At first I thought that they were probably busy so I mailed them from time to time but now I got the hints now. They probably got bored with me. So please don’t say forever friendship. I have enough of people saying that and leaving me behind.

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