Lousy Rainy Day

Yesterday there was a small gathering at Shwe teashop so I tried to get there by 2 pm. When I got out of the house, it was only drizzling but when I get to Myay Ni Gone, it was raining hard and it was windy also so I got soaked with rain. To make it worst, my umbrella started giving me trouble and my sister’s umbrella was broke so we had to share an umbrella. When I tried to cross the road, my slipper gave me troubles. Finally I arrived to Shwe, Ko Poe Thar and Ko Young have already arrived there.

The reason we met is ‘cuz I wanted to borrow Photoshop CS2 book from Ko Poe Thar. He said I’ll call Zeng and a few days later, he emailed a couple of friends to meet. Most of them didn’t come probably due to the rain or ‘cuz they are busy. Only Ko Poe Thar, Ko Young, Zeng, Snow, SS and Ko Flame came to the gathering. We sat at the teashop pretending not to hear the waiters who kept hinting when we’ll pay for the food and get out. We only got up at 4 pm to eat spring rolls at Ma Nge shop. Ko Flame treated us . I was feeling a bit dizzy after being caught in the rain but I felt better after I ate. There wasn’t anything to eat at Shwe. I only ordered Super coffeemix there. I don’t really like that place ‘cuz it’s crowded and noisy but the guys said Shwe…so it’s Shwe for me then. Anyway since I got the book to practice with, I can start learning the functions of Photoshop. Although I’ve been using it for a long time, most of the time I’m just cutting pictures and tuning the colors. Lately I’m interested in making avatars and banners so I had wanted to practice some tutorials with some guidebooks.


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