No More Ms. Nice Girl

I don’t want to be Miss Nice Girl anymore. I like helping out people whenever I can but these people just don’t have understand and misuse me. I am sick of having to go home late ‘cuz I spent some of my after office hours time helping out people (finding songs for them, helping them with photoshop, etc) and I never have enough time to surf the web. I absolutely hate working after office hours and don’t expect me to be interested in work when the clock is nearly 6 pm. I’m just damn pissed ‘cuz I had to restart my computer twice to burn a cd to show to a customer, closing all the websites that I was surfing. If that person had told me earlier, I wouldn’t be complaining but instead she chose to tell me at 6pm and tell me to get it ready by morning. My computer always act up after office hours. It always work fine during office hours but after it reached 5pm, it started to get slow and I have to restart it a couple of time if I’m multi-tasking too much.

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