Window Shopping at North Point Shopping Center

Yesterday, I went to North Point Shopping Center with my mother, sister and niece (who’s actually older than me) to exchange a gift that I received a few days ago. It was a t-shirt from a brand name shop and I didn’t like it so I wanted to exchange with another design. I found the blouse that I like but I couldn’t find a smaller size. It was a green one, just like the t-shirt that I received but the design is much better. Now I have to go to other shops to see if I can find the S size. I found a S size for the same design with another color but I didn’t like it. I asked the sale girl about the t-shirt price and I was amazed with the price. Why would somebody pay that much for that t-shirt which looks something you can buy from the street stalls? I wrote about brand names in my Myanmar blog but I haven’t translated it to English yet. I’m too lazy to do so now.

I went to Ocean supermarket and took a look around. My mother said she wasn’t going to buy me any clothing. I wish I didn’t spend all of my money already. I found some skirts which prices seem fair for me. Maybe if I find a S size for that green blouse, I’ll come back to buy a green skirt. I also found a nice dress at the price of nearly 10000. My mother will scold me if I spend that much for a dress but she also liked the design. Maybe I can get her to buy the fabric and ask my dressmaker to make me a dress with the same design.

There was a cosmetic promotion at the center so I saw some male singers and met a female singer at the supermarket. I wonder what’s cosmetic got to do with those male singers. Maybe they also use them: P. I got scared by the way the sales girls at the cosmetic promotion counter and the female singer put on makeup. If that’s the way to put on makeup, I rather stick to my thanakha.

After I left the supermarket, we went to my uncle’s house and my sister and I left a few mins later after eating some snacks and borrowing some vcds. We bought spring rolls on the way home and eat at home.

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