For the past weeks, I have been watching back My Girl, two episodes per day but yesterday instead of finishing the drama, I read a fanfic which is a different plot but with the casts of My Girl. The story is a romance/ mystery. You can read it at soompi here. I’m curious about how the story will turn out.

The first fanfic I read is a Harry Potter 5th book fanfic which came out before the actual book was released. The second one is a fanfic from soompi. That fanfic was being made into a movie so I wanted to check it out. The movie name is A Wolf’s Attraction/Temptation of Wolves. Those who have watched the movie will be familiar with the story plot. In the story, a country bumpkin girl came to Seoul to live with her mother and there she met two hot guys from different schools. Both guys fell in luv with her. She went out with Haewon, the guy who go to the same school with her. The other guy, Taesung is actually her brother as she found out later but he loves her more than brotherly/sisterly love. He have a heart disease so he went abroad to live with his grandmother and get medical treatments. He passed away but he didn’t want his sister to know about it so before he died, he asked a girl (who he donated his eyes to) to continue writing to his sister on behalf of him, not letting her know the truth. That girl went to Korea and told the truth. The movie isn’t that bad but I like the story more but at least I’m happy to see Jo Han Sun as Bahn Haewon. Kang Dongwan play the role of Taesung. The actress is Lee Cheong Ah. She’s also in Let’s Go to the Beach drama with Lee Wan and Junjin.

I’m halfway through finishing The Guy was Cool fanfic. I got bored while reading so I only read a few pages per week. I’m only reading it ‘cuz I don’t understand the movie. I’ve watched it twice but I still don’t understand. Even if Song Seung Hong was in the movie, I still don’t like it that much.


4 thoughts on “Fanfiction

    • I don’t actually have the fanfic as an e-book ‘cuz I saved them as webpages from soompi forum. But I’ll see if I still have it at home.

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