Hot Weather in Yangon

The weather has been hot for a couple of days. You might think it’s summer although it’s suppose to be the rainy season. It rained a bit in the morning on the way to work but now it’s just cloudy. Not only the weather is hot but the aircons in our office are broke so we have to open the doors. It is even hotter in the room than outside. My body feels itchy although I already took a bath in the morning. Maybe I should take it again when I get home but I don’t think I’ll get home early. I’m still browsing websites.

I haven’t been writing much in my blog ‘cuz the electricity was out when I came home and my brother won’t let me use the pc after the electricity came back. I even have a fight with him last night ‘cuz he blamed us for using the pc for entertainment. There was something wrong with our ups and he blamed us. I told him that we still have a warranty to replace it but that still won’t shut him till a phone call came for me. At that time, I was watching After the Sunset movie with my mother and I was getting bored with the movie but I couldn’t stop it ‘cuz my mother was watching it. After the movie, I watched Kim Sam Soon drama to ep 2 and went to bed. I bought that drama from Hledan a week ago. I also bought the first book of Lord of the Ring for 1000kyats only but the trouble is that the book looks like it fell in the mud and the outside is dirty but the inside is clean. I always put it down after picking it up to read ‘cuz it’s too dirty. I feel like boiling that book with hot water but that will make the book wet. I wish I can make the dirt disappear.


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