Just Thinking…

I know I haven’t been updating my blog lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to write but I am always busy to post even through I write them at home, like I’m doing now. Lately I have been going home at 7 pm ‘cuz I was posting in forum. I never have enough time for web surfing. I’m always spending my times writing on forum or reading them, mostly in Movies, Music and Celebs section. I don’t contribute much to the forum. I don’t even have time to read other topics so if something big was going on, I only know about it a few days later. I’m always spending my times in my kdrama topic writing about drama reviews and stuff. I surf other websites as well and chat sometimes but my main reason for being late is the forum. Maybe I should stop going there after 5pm ‘cuz once I started going there, I can’t get up till I look at the clock and it’s 7pm. I know it’s late and it’s dark outside to walk alone. I have other companions who leave early around 6pm but I wasn’t in the mood to join them ‘cuz I still have stuffs to do.

My everyday is so simple. Wakes up, get ready for work, eat breakfast and leave for bus stop, race myself to get to work on time, drink coffee, do work , started surfing the net at lunchtime and barely have enough time to eat lunch before the time’s up, go back to work , web surfing and chatting at 5pm and leave around 6:45pm to 7pm, get home, watch TV if interested, get on the pc and eat dinner while watching drama, go to sleep. Boring huh? I think I’ve been wasting my times a lot. I told myself every month that I’ll improve myself in Photoshop but instead I ended up watching dramas after dramas. How can I get myself to concentrate on it? I always remember to check out those tutorials during work time but I always forget when I’m web surfing. My mind is only on kdrama when I’m home.

I’ve been thinking about what Lee Ji Hyun (YEH’s character in The Vineyard Man) have said in the beginning of the drama. She was comparing herself with other girls out on the street who have fantastic careers, money, awesome looks and guys to fall for them while she was just an ordinary girl with standard schooling and average looks and nobody likes her. I also think like that sometimes. I know I’m just an average girl with dull looking clothing and quite lonely sometimes. I used to have a friend at work who used to chat with me during break times and give me fashion tips like to try to match your Myanmar longyis with modern clothings ‘cuz wearing them with the matching blouse is quite dull sometimes. She quit her job last month and I’ve been quite bored. I have nobody to talk to so I spend more time on the internet, trying to start conversations about my fav interests with ppl who might not even be interested. On Saturdays, I only have to work half day so I can leave at 2pm but I never left work earlier than 6pm ‘cuz I have no place to go to and I didn’t feel like going home early. I wish I can hang out with some friends on those days, eat Kyarzat chet together at Hledan, etc but I always end up going there alone.


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