Vineyard Man Episode 1 Review

Shinhwa is gonna held a concert in Bangkok on the 19th. Just 4 more days left. I wish I can go. At least Ma Yee Mon might be going there. I’ve been telling her to go ‘cuz this is a once in a lifetime chance. I wish I was still in Bkk but even if I’m in Bkk, I’ll have a hard time to convince my parents to let me go and pay for me as well. Well, at least I have their concert from Busan to watch. At least I can get an idea of what the performances will be at the concert.

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Last night I watched the first episode of the Vineyard Man starring Yoon Eun Hye. I can’t say I luv it but I never like the dramas which are my fav now at first. The story is a bit strange to me or rather the guy is strange to me. I’ve never seen his acting before. As for Eun Hye, I still think her acting isnt’ that much different from Goong. It’s not bad but she still sounded the same to me. Her character is just a bit different. In Goong, she wanted to become a fashion designer. It’s the same in this drama. She dreams of becoming a famous designer. Her age is supposed to be around 26 or 27 but she doesn’t look that mature she’s only 22, same age as me. Her only job is a temporary job at a design company. She wanted to become a permanent worker by submitting a design which was shown to the manager before she got the chance to show to everyone. The manager paid some guys to take them off her which she was wearing on that day. She called the police and asked them to come while waiting in the men’s restroom. A guy came into pee and she thought he was the police so she tried to take his clothes and that’s when the police came. The police thought the guy was a rapist so they arrested him. Later they found out that she was in fact the person who tried to take the clothes and they are charging her for sexual assault. That’s when episode one ended. I almost forgot. While she was at the police station, her grand-father (not her grandfather but still a relative) came and told her parents that he wanted her to come to work at the vineyard for a year. After that, he will give her some acres. The guy that she got in trouble with (I still don’t know remember his name) also works for the vineyard. I guess when she gets there, that’s when romance will spark. As far as I’ve seen, the person that really got on my nerves is Ji Hyun’s (YEH) best friend. She’s so annoying. It was because of her that Ji Hyun couldn’t return the dress back and got beat up by her mother. Ji Hyun’s mother is a bit harsh on her daughter. Even if she spent $100 on a dress, she shouldn’t have been so harsh on her. Even thought I don’t like it that much, I still want to continue watching. I just have to wait for the subs to out. Meanwhile I can watch other dramas. I just have to decide between Green Rose, Delightful Choon Hyang, Snow White or Oh Pil-Seung. I missed some episodes of Oh Pil-Seung so I’m continue to watch it with English subs. I prefer to watch with English subs ‘cuz the dramas was cut short while it’s aired on TV. I only missed episode 5 so I downloaded it but when I watched it, I still need to watch half of episode 4 to know the whole story. I might as well just watch the whole drama on pc, rather than wait for it on TV.


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