My Favorite Myanmar Foods

If you ask me what’s my favorite food, I will answer immediately, “Of course it’s Rakhine moat tee (Rakhine noodle)”. If you aren’t Myanmar, you might be wondering what Rakhine noodle is. Rakhine noodle is thin rice noodle eaten together with fish soup. You have to eat it together with tamarid paste, grind chilies and fish sauce if you want to add some. That’ll make the soup spicy and tasty and prepare some tissues and some waters for yourself before you start eating. It is the kind of food which is best suited in rainy days and cold weather but I like to eat it even when the weather is hot. The food originated from Rakhine State and that’s why it got the name Rakhine noodle. Another name for Rakhine noodle is ‘ar pu shar pu’ ‘cuz it can be pretty spicy and makes your tongue go red. I prefer to eat at the shops or stalls than home cooking. It doesn’t taste the same at home. You can find many Rakhine noodle shops or stalls all over Yangon. My favorite shop is the one located near the market near my house. It’s a long way to walk there so I only can eat when my cousin goes to the market in the evening and when I’m home at that time. My second favorite is at 12 lone tan bus stop. I prefer Rakhine noodle which taste isn’t too spicy or too much ngapi (fish paste). I absolutely hate eating fake Rakhine noodle. Fake Rakhine noodle is a fish soup trying to pretend like Rakine noodle. Whenever I went out and I feel like having a snack, I always look for Rakhine noodle shops and end up eating fake Rakhine noodle or spicy Rakhine noodle with a lots of pepper and padegaw. Lately, I haven’t been able to enjoy my favorite food ‘cuz I always come home late and the Rakhine noodle from the canteen is terrible. On Sunday, I stayed home most of the times and I got lazy to go out.

So instead of eating Rakhine noodle, I’ve been eating kyar san chet which is tranlsated Bean Vermicelli Soup in English. I like to recommend my favorite kyar san chet shop located at U Tun Lin Chan Road at Hledan. I always eat there on Saturdays when I leave work early. I have to get there by 5pm ‘cuz there won’t be any more kyar san chet if I came late. Kyar san chet is best eaten together with shaut thee toat (lemon salad). Just thinking about a spicy lemon salad with kyar san chet is making my mouth water. I am always alone whenever I go to eat there. I feel so loney while other people came to eat with friends, families and couples. When I couldn’t get a seat, I had to sit together with other people and it makes me uncomfortable just sitting there and eating while others are having conversations among each other, eating their kyar san chet and sharing lemon salad with each other. I don’t eat lemon salad there anymore ‘cuz I can never finish eating it. I wish I have somebody to go with the next time I went there. Anyway, back to food…

Another food I like to recommend is Shan noodle. I rarely eat Shan noodle but after eating twice at a stall near Hledan bus stop, I have began to really like the food from there. Before I never like Shan noodle but I started to like it after eating it for breakfast at Pyin Oo Lwin 3 years go. At that time, the weather outside was really cold and our family was inside a small restaurant. My parents ordered Shan noodle with soup and I sampled the food from my mother. Ever since then, whenever I have Shan noodle, I always eat together with soup. Maybe it’s just a habit I got from eating Rakhine noodle all the time. Most people prefer to eat it as a salad with the soup in another bowl. When you eat Shan noodle, you have to eat it together with Shan chin which is like kimichi. I used to hate it but now I luv eating Shan chin.

There are just so many foods to write about. I will write about them next time.


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