Save 1000 kyats by Bringing at least 3 Pirated CDs

If you want to save 1000 kyats for the hip hop crazy stage show, you can participate in the anti-piracy program by bringing at least 3 pirated cds.

The hip hop crazy live show has been arranged in the hip hop culture and the best hip hop singers have been invited. 27 hip hop groups including Annega, JMe, Barbu, Yan Yan Chan, Zay Yar Thar, Theory, Soe Moe Min, Lin Lin, Zim Zim and Yatha will be performing for the show.

The hip hop crazy stage show will start on August 27th at 2PM in front of the Eagle Garden Restaurant at Thuwanna Skating Ground. The audience will have to bring at least 3 pirated cds. Booking tickets have been sold at 2800 kyats. Those who buy booking tickets will have to pay 4000 kyats at the stage show day. If they bring at least 3 pirated cds, they will save 1000 kyats and will only have to pay 3000kyats.

The stage show organizer, Ko Moe Aung Swe (Ice Man), managing director of Event Mast said, “The audience have been encouraged to bring at least 3 pirated cds. In order to suppress the piracy virus which is destroying the entire music world, the pirated cds will be destroyed by a road roller during the stage show. This is the first time for this kind of event. The audience can bring any pirated cds, new or old as long as many cds are brought together.”

Source : Kumudara Journal, 25-8-06
Story by : YYK
Translated by : madyjune
This is the first time I post news articles translation on my blog. I tried my best to be exact in my translation. I know there are unnecessary repeated sentences in the article but since they were included in the original article, I wanted to do an exact translation. It’s funny that I finish writing this in just 10 minutes while it takes me an hour to translate a small paragraph summaries for my work. Writing this is much easier probably due to my interest in the entertainment world. I wonder how the stage show was and how many cds were brought to be destroyed. I’m with this movement ‘cuz I’m already sick of seeing pirated vcds selling on the streets all over town (not including pirated foreign movies ‘cuz that’s the only you can watch them in Myanmar). On the day Sai Sai released his vcd, I heard the street vcds sellers shouting “You can get Sai Sai vcd here.” I was quite angry and felt sad at the same time. I heard from someone that his vcd sales wasn’t that high like his February Diary vcd or his 1st live show vcd.
off topic:

Last night was the day when Earth can see Mars up close. According to a journal, Mars can be seen brightest at 12:30pm. I missed that chance ‘cuz it was drizzling and the sky’s cloudy. Darn….I really wanted to see Mars. I won’t be alive to see it the next time it passes close to Earth.

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