Thinking of Updating Blog

I have been thinking lately that my blog sounds pretty boring to me ‘cuz I always write about Korean drama, Korean music and complaining about my life, etc. I want to change my blog a little by writing more about my country so that others can learn from my blog rather than just reading about my boring life. I will first start with changing the template again so that there won’t be stack overflow errors in IE. I’ll also try to find some times and surf Myanmar sites and buy journals to post interesting news and entertainment news. Well, it depends on whether I have the time to use the computer at night but I’ll try my best. There are so many things that I want to do for my blog but I never have enough time to do them. For my other Myanmar blog, I’ll be posting news from the journals and translate some Korean entertainment news. It’s a way of practice for me ‘cuz I’m thinking of writing them for journals. I’m still just thinking about so. I don’t know if my articles will get chosen or not. I always read Korean entertainments news whenever I see them in Myanmar journals and magazines but I’m quite disappointed that most of the articles don’t really focus on giving the information and they are just wasting the spaces writing about how that person’s acting is the drama. Why would anybody been interested in reading about someone writing about the storyline of a drama when they have already watched them. They only pay attention in hoping to read some news about their favorite celebrities. I have a bad habit of not completing something that I’m doing or thought of doing so I might not be translating. You are confused huh? Yeah…I’m like that most of the time.

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