Kim Jae Won Visit to Myanmar

Last year Korean celebrities visited Myanmar for 3 days and held a concert at National Opera House. Myanmar people were pretty excited about it ‘cuz Kim Jae Won came to Yangon. He came along with Babyvox (only 3 members), Wa Wa and the Cross. I didn’t get to see the concert and there wasn’t much to read about them in the news journals. I was disappointed ‘cuz I didn’t get to see him. MRTV 4 did an interview with them but I didn’t get to see it ‘cuz I don’t have satellite. Later a video magazine called Viva made a documentary video about their visit and released it with other videos as a vcd. I didn’t feel like buying it ‘cuz I didn’t want to see the other video but now I finally got my hands on it. I enjoy watching the video which is 20 minutes long. At first I thought about sharing the whole video on youtube but I don’t get to get in trouble for uploading the files illegally so I made 2 videos with cuts of Kim Jae Won.

The first one is on the day he arrived to Yangon. He went to a university in South Dagon and there was a traditional performance in which he also participated. It’s really funny to see him trying to dance along with the girls. When the dance steps got faster, he couldn’t catch up so he went back to his seat.

The second video is from the concert held at the National Opera House. He amazed the audience by speaking in Myanmar and his Myanmar speaking is the best among the other Korean celebrities who also tried to talk a bit in Myanmar. He said Mingalar Par, which is a greeting in Myanmar. The exact meaning is auspicious day to you but it’s awkward to say that in English. It’s like saying Hello.


Hello (Auspicious day to you). Nice to Meet You. I am Kim Jae Won. I’m happy that you (audience) like me. Thank You. I love Myanmar. Thank You

Later he said the following in Korean and it was translated in Myanmar.

Before I came to Myanmar, I gave some thoughts about Myanmar, about how Myanmar is. Now that I have to come and after seeing the traditional culture of Myanmar, I love Myanmar more. I believe this concert will make the friendship between Myanmar and Korea stronger.

If you can read in Myanmar, go here to read the whole documentary in Myanmar. I have typed all the narration and conversations included in the documentary. I thought about translating them but the narrator talks a lot and it will take a long time to translate the whole vid. It took me more than 3 hours to type the 20 minutes documentary video.


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