Ya Tha – Made in Myanmar album and Other Entertainment News

Lately I have been listening to the new album “Made in Myanmar” by Ya Tha. At first I didn’t like the album ‘cuz I didn’t like Ya Tha’s voice after a couple of times listening to the album, I really have started to like it. J-Me, Ye’ Lay, Bo Lay and G-Tone featured in the album along with Ya Tha. My favorite songs are “Hip-hop Shae Toe”, “Ta Kaung Kywat” and “Sin Aut Ka Nay Swal Myar”. I think this albums has the most censoring in Myanmar hip-hop albums. I can hear a lot of beeps in almost every songs. In “Nay Ma Eait Nya Ma Eait”, I got annoyed the woman’s voice talking on the phone which was repeated about 3 times in the song. Sheesh, I would never talk her like at all. Those kinds of talks just gets on my nerves. “Byauk Oo Yae Stage Show” is a skit which tells the story about them meeting a stage show organizer. I can’t believe the hard times that they have to go through just to perform on the show. The most absurd thing is the price fee for putting their name on the sign board. I used to thought that it was just advertisement done by the organizer.
Today a new hip-hop is being released. There’s gonna be a signing ceremony at Yankin Center and Sky Walk Shopping Mall (Mandalay) tomorrow. I think this album might be a good one ‘cuz J-Me, Ye’ Lay, Ya Tha, Yan Yan Chan and other hip-hop singers feature in the album. I am looking forward to this album. I will try to listen to the songs first and if I like them, I will buy the album. I’m gonna buy Ya Tha album also. I believe that if you really like hiphop and you want to support them, you should support them by buying their albums. It’s funny that they are people who claim to love hiphop music but they never buy the actual albums and they only buy or copy from pirate albums. I have to keep my mouth shut when I hear them talking about buying the pirated cds. I want to say why don’t you just buy the album for once instead of wasting your money away. It is true that I spend most of my money on cds and I don’t regret buying them ‘cuz I only buy what I need. But what really annoys me is when other people want to borrow from me or copy them from me and asking me to copy for them. They take away my favorite and later I hear them dissing the singers. That really makes me piss off.
Sai Sai’s first novel, “Paper Crane” is being made into a movie or video. This movie is directed by Director Mee Pwar and it stars Sai Sai (of course), Thazin and Wine Su Khine Thein. I haven’t read his novel so I’m looking forward to this movie. Since Sai Sai himself is in the movie, at least they won’t be talks like this movie runis the book, etc. 😀


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