First Week at Basic Korean Class

It’s been a while since the last time I post here. I’ve quite busy lately and I didn’t have much time to use the internet for personal purposes. I always use my free time to check email, read Native Myanmar and to surf for icon tutorials. I have been interested in learning how to make them and I found a nice place where I can get the textures and tutorials. I’m still learning how to make them bits by bits. I want to learn how to make a graphic header for a fan website but I still haven’t found any tutorial to do that. I asked for help but no one had replied to me so far. I’ll just have to depend on my own for it, I guess.

Last week, I started attending Korean Basic class at UFL. The class starts from 5:20 pm to 7:00pm and I have to attend it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Last Friday was closed ‘cuz it’s a Thadingyut holiday. I’ve learned the basic alphabets and I have to write them in a practice book and show them to the teachers. There are two teachers and I think the first teacher will teach on Mondays and Wednesdays. It was like that when I took Japanese classes at UFL. At that time, I only learned Japanese ‘cuz Japanese dramas were aired on TV and I wanted to speak like them. Also since I was young, I didn’t want to work all the time so I enjoy the times at UFL ‘cuz I get to leave work early. I am a lazybone and I didn’t practice all the kanjis so when we continued on the next level, I couldn’t keep up with the students. Also one of my teacher changed and I didn’t like the new one. I couldn’t even read his handwritings and what make it worse is that the new class included students from other Japanese classes and they can converse in Japanese so the teachers assumed that we can all talk in Japanese by now so they continued teaching in Japanese with little hints in Myanmar. Luckily I haven’t paid for the class yet so after a few weeks, I stopped going there. I also was an internet addict at that time (I’m still an addict) and I didn’t want to leave early and miss chatting with my friends. Lousy excuse but I was only 18.

Now I’m really interested in learning Korean. My mother said I’ll only last for 6 months but I hope I can continue till I finish all the classes at UFL which might not be possible. When you advance to another level, the number of students decreases. You’ll need at least 25 students to start a class. That’s why one of my friends couldn’t continue with her Japanese class ‘cuz there wasn’t enought students for the next level.

I haven’t learn any phrases yet. I only was taught the usual….annyoung se’ yo…annega se’ yo…gomawaryo which I already have learned by watching dramas and movies. I think after we are finished with the basic alphabets, vowels and syllables, we will be given the text books. On Wednesday, I was taught 8 new words. As I was writing them down in the practice book, the teacher asked all students to come out front and write the alphabet read by another student. I was lucky to be seated at the back so I had the time to memorise the words. I was a bit scared that I’ll make a mistake and the guys at the back will laugh at me (not that I care about them..just that they are the loudest in the class…I even moved my seat away from them ‘cuz they were too noisy for me). Luckily the girl up front told me to write the 3rd alphabet “Ga” so I was able to write in easily on the blackboard. The girl seated next to me was more nervous than me. I told her not to worry and just ask the front row to read out the alphabet.

This Monday, the teacher told us to write 140 pages of for the new words learned that day :(. I need a new book to continue writing. At least now I know how to spell Bi :).


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