Recent Dramas that I’m Watching

The dramas I’ve been watching lately are

Sweet Spy

I started watching this drama when I learned that it was gonna air on MRTV. Luckily I was able to download most of the episodes from kpopper at pretty fast speed. I was quite attracted by both Lee Joo Hyun and Dennis O’ Neil. Dennis is a bit hit in Myanmar. I even got annoyed of hearing about him all the time. I’m still on episode 17. I am having troubles with downloading so I have to download from another site or ask some friends to help me out. I won’t write the story as I’ve already done that here.

Vineyard Man

I’m still haven’t even finished with episode 4. I wonder whether episode 5 subtitles have come out yet. The series have already finished airing in Korea now. I saw the screen captures from the last episode and Eun Hye looks really pretty in the wedding dress. This is her second time to get married in a drama. I already posted about the drama here.

Invisible Parachute Agent

This drama is like the sequel to Super Rookie drama. The plot line is different from the previous drama but it’s still about an employee who got employed unexpected into some big company (or) secret agency here now. I was looking forward to this ‘cuz of Eric and Han Ji Min. I’m on episode 3. I’m still trying to download the drama. I just wish I get faster connection at work. The connection get dc whenever I download or upload a file over 3mb. Since I’m still watching, I don’t know much about the story plot ‘cuz I dont’ read ahead of the story. Eric got rejected by LK during the interview. On the way back, he saved a granny from being runned over by the president’s car. He didn’t actually save her on her own as he was pushed out to the street by another woman. When the president thanked him, he couldn’t accept the commendation from the president. The president thought of him as a unique man and he recommend him to the secret agency to recruit him. Meanwhile Eric met his high school friend Han Ji Min and found out that she was working as a bar host. He went over there and left after being slapped by her to getting her in trouble. Actually Han Ji Min isn’t really a bar host and she’s from the secret agency which Eric will be working for later. At the start of the show, the director of the agency went to see a guy to come back to the agency and lead the team. Eric will be in the team that he recruited, I think.

I’m still watching this drama on MRTV. I don’t know what episode we are on ‘cuz MRTV edit the episodes to air them longer on TV.

Over the Rainbow

I’m on episode 2, only finished half of it. I heard that you can get the dvd in Ygn so I might just find it watch it later since the downloading speed is quite slow. The subtitles aren’t perfect but at least I can understand.


I bought the dvd a few days ago. I’ve been watching it back again and reached to some episodes now. My mother got addicted to Goong and she had been watching it ahead of me so when I think about watching it, she’s already watching it. So I have to wait for her to finish watching as I want to watch in order. Ever since I’ve been watching back Goong, I’ve been listening back to Goong ost, reading the Goong thread at soompi and surfing websites for Goong related articles and fan arts. It feels just like when I started watching it. Once I start to watch it, I can’t stop thinking about Goong and whenever I write in blog or forum, the word Goong will popup in my writings. I think I’ve been Goong-nifed again :D. When I bought the dvd, the guy at the shop told me that Sweet Spy & Goong are the most sold out dvds and they only have a few copied of Goong at their shop. That’s why they are more expensive than other dramas.

My Fair Lady

This drama is aired on MRTV at 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays. I ended up watching this drama although I don’t like Kim Hee Sun ‘cuz it’s a bit funny. Kim Hee Sun is an airline hostess who targets rich men who she met on the plane. She and her colleagues will meet with them and go out with them if she’s interested. Go Suu used to work in Sydney but he came back to Korea after his girlfriend. During a matchmaking meeting, he met Kim Hee Sun who looks exactly like her so he was interested in her. Kim Hee Sun thought he was a rich doctor so she went out with him. She rejected a guy who proposed to her and said she’s going out with Go Suu. That guy, the manager found about Go Suu and told her so that he can get her back to his side. Kim Hee Sun got angry with Go Suu for lying to her and Goo Su got angry that she was only interested in money. But both of them are still interested in each other. In the episode I watched, Go Suu went back to Sydney and Kim Hee Sun went after to find out her twin sister, Go Suu ex-girlfriend. She was supposed to be on duty so she’s gonna be punished by her company for sleeping outside without permission. Go Suu will go back to Korea and an old man will ask him to help him out at his company, I think. I only saw the preview for that.

Sad Sonata

I only watched the first episodes but haven’t continue watching ‘cuz it airs at the same time with My Fair Lady. This drama also stars Kim Hee Sun and I had to watch again although I don’t like her. At least Kwon Sangwoo stars in the drama. I won’t be writing the storyline as I haven’t watched it entirely.

100% Senorita

I’m getting a bit tired of watching this but I’m only watching ‘cuz of Penny Lin and Wallace Huo (I think that’s his name). I like the ost and my favorites song is track 2 disguise. It’s an English which comes at the ending of the drama.


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