Oct 11’s Korean Class

I thought 140 words was a lot for me but I learned about 5 new words today and I’m still confused with the pronunciation. There’s a new teacher in the class so we now have 3 teachers for class. This teacher taught us the words and told us to write 5 lines each while she goes over everybody’s desk to look whether we are writing properly or not. Later she ask some students to read aloud the words she wrote on the board and I was glad that my name wasn’t called out. I got a short term memory and I can’t remember them in time as I’m still confused with the pronunciations and I didn’t study Monday’s lessons.

I’m a bit bored at the class ‘cuz I don’t have any friends in the class. I don’t know anybody so I find myself an empty seat and study while others are chatting with their friends. It’s pretty usual that I won’t make friends in just a few days but it’ll be nice to have a friend who can help me out in the class.

My favorite teacher is the teacher from Monday classes. She’s the only one who taught us a few words in Korean. They haven’t teach us Korean dialogues yet ‘cuz we are still on alphabets. I have to buy some books at the class. The class fee didn’t include the book fees :(. Whenever the teacher wants us to repeat, she said Dashi and the song by G.O.D. Whenever she said it, it makes me want to listen to the song so badly. Korean songs do help with learning new words. I have been able to learn some words just by listening to their songs and reading the translations later. I wonder whether we’ll be taught some songs also in the class. In the Japanese class, our teacher taught us some songs and I still remember some of the lyrics. As for Korean lyrics, I only know Gomsemari, the 3 bear songs from Full House. Maybe I can memorize the carrot song from My Girl. I have the lyric somewhere in my pc and got 2 different version of the songs, one by Lee Da Hae and another by some kid. I prefer Lee Da Hae version.


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