Tips for UFL Evening Classes

  1. Wear only Myanmar traditional longyis and htamain (no skirts, jeans, pants, short sleeve blouses even if the style is from the colonial time and not even htamin skirt which cuts up from near the tights or pat htamin which you put around your waist…it’s okay to wear htamin skirt which looks exactly like a real htamin). Guys can’t wear t-shirts with stickers also.
  2. Guys can not wear earrings. Leave your Sai Sai Kham Hlaing diamond earrings at home.
  3. Always wear your name tag around your neck or pin it to your shirt. Don’t take it off till you are out of the university.
  4. If your class is a crowded class, get to class early to save your seat.
  5. Get some friends to attend with you so that you’ll have some company in the class and they will save your seat for you when you arrive late.
  6. If you are taking English classes and your teacher’s pronunciation is terrible, just bear with it.
  7. Expect different teachers though teaching the same subject to have different pronunciations and different handwriting style. (which is usually very different from your text books). If you want correct pronunciations for whatever subjects you are taking, buy some learning CDs (from National CD) or search in the internet.
  8. Get your butt off the canteen by the time you hear the bell ring. Don’t try to hide. They will still catch you and expect to see an angry old teacher fussing over the issue.
  9. If you are taking 107 buses, get to the gate as fast as you can after the bell rings. A minute or two late and you’ll have to walk all the way to Hledan.
  10. Don’t think about taking the bus from Hledan to Kyaung Lan bus stop to get to the class. It’s faster to walk.
  11. “Walking is a good exercise for your health.” Keep repeating this sentence in your head as you are on the way for your 10~15 mins walk to school from Hledan Junction.
  12. Always have some extra money with you for you will have to pay for the textbooks and handouts. Don’t expect those to include in the class fees.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone here. I just wrote this for fun after hearing about the clothing restrictions at school. I don’t mean to criticize the teachers. I have respects for my teachers and I like both teachers. I still haven’t meet the teacher who is supposed to teach on Fridays. About my comment on the English classes, I still think it’s a waste of money ‘cuz it only last for 3 or 4 months unlike other languages which you take till advance.


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