Tazaungmone Full Moon Day & Nirvana Bazzar

On Tauzaungmone Full Moon Day, some streets have Nirvana Bazzar, giving away foods and drinks to your neighbors. I will try my best to explain how it goes. If your house no is 01 and you are going to make food for 20 people, 20 tickets will be made with the number 01 on them. Those who obtained the tickets will come to your house to collect the food. I have never experienced it before ‘cuz my street doesn’t celebrate those kind of activities. Only those streets with houses which are situated close to each other celebrate this event. (I’m not sure about downtown through.) I saw 2 street which celebrate Nirvana Bazzar near my neighborhood from the bus today.

When I was a kid, I used to spent my Tazaungmone holiday at my uncles’ house ‘cuz I get to eat a lot of food there :). Now as I’ve grown older, I hardly go there on Tazuangmone anymore. People are usually busy at this time, preparing for “Hna Kyeit Shit Su” and food preparations. My neighbors were excited to see “Hna Kyeit Shit Su” parade. I’m not into those parades anymore. I am sick of these people passing by playing many types of songs unrelated to Buddhism at loud volume, not caring about how the noise will effect other people. My brother always say I’m full of negative views but what’s wrong with expressing my own opinion.
What I did on Tazaungmone Day….

I went to Yuzana Plaza with my mother in the afternoon. I bought a pair of earrings while she bought a hair clip. As usual, I checked out the list of Korean dramas available at the dvd shop after buying CD R-W from there. I might have bought one but since my mother was with me, she’ll scold me if I buy it ‘cuz I just bought one a few days ago. A woman was asking the sale girl to recommend some good kdramas to buy but that girl just stood and said nothing. So I tried to show some good dramas but she already watched them and she walked away to another shop asking for kdramas. Next time, I won’t bother to explain to anymore. At night I light some candles in front of the house. I didn’t get the chance to do that during Thadingyut.

Here’s a picture of the earring.


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