Mountain with No Name

On the way back from Mawlamyine during Thingyan 2002, we passed by Kayin State. We were all fascinated to see Mt. Zwel Kabin which is the landmark of Kayin State. As we went along the road, suddenly the mountain disappeared from sight and instead we see another mountain. My father kept saying he was sure we are still in the area around Mt. Zwel Kabin. He stopped the car on the road for something that I can’t remember and we saw an old Kayin man passing by. He asked him what’s the name of the mountain and the man replied “That’s Mt. Zwel Kabin”. My father said “No, I know what Mt. Zwel Kabin looks like. It isn’t shape like that mountain. Can you pls tell me the name of the mountain?”. The old man still replied “That’s Mt. Zwel Kabin”. My father asked the same question again. This time the old man got angry and he said “That’s the mountain with no name.” and walked away. What we didn’t know at that time was Mt. Zwel Kabin looks different when you see from the other side. I will always remember this whenever I see Mt. Zwel Kabin.

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