My Friend’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was National Day and it’s a holiday so I get a day off to rest at home. SD treated us dinner at SS Food Court in the evening for her birthday which was on the 7th. I didn’t know what to buy her and my sister who had been rewatching My Girl has only that drama on her mind so she bought the dvd along with some hairclip. I didn’t feel like going out on Sunday so I asked her to buy the present. I should have went along with her ‘cuz the hairclip looks exactly like what we bought her last year. Anyway, after we ate dinner which was delicious btw, we went to Yankin Center to take some sticker photos. There’s no sticker booth and we can only take the pics at Dora. We took some pics there last year and this time we took 4 pictures with 8 different frames. 2 pictures were taken along with her cousin and the rest are just us girls only. We had to wait 20 mins for the photos to get ready so we went window shopping upstairs. I saw 2 translation books of Harry Potter’s The Half-Blooded Prince. Both books are thick and heavy and the one by Kyi Kyi Mar is around 5000 kyats and the second one by another author is around 3500kyats. My friend said her sisters had read the other book by renting from the book shop and the translation isn’t that bad. It’s not as good as Min Khite Soe San’s translation but it’s easy to understand. I might ask her to rent it for me someday so that I can take a look at the translation. 20 mins later, we came down to get our photos and the color setting is terrible. They look so faint. The quality is nothing like the sample picture from the sample album. As I was browsing the album, I saw a lot of pics of Korean celebs being used as sample sticker photos. Right now, the pictures are with SYM and she’ll give them to me after she cut them up. They didn’t even separate the pictures and we have to do it on our own. I want to take sticker photos at Dagon Center. I think the quality isn’t that bad there and it has its own sticker booth but I always look awful whenever I take pics on my own.

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