Sharing Sad Korean Songs (1)

It has been awhile since I last share songs on my blog. This time I’ll be sharing a couple of my fav Korean songs. It seems a waste of links when I share it on forum but not many people download them. Most of them are from Korean dramas but I also added a couple of other songs.

From Beautiful Days drama. It started airing on MRTV last month and ever since then this songs has been on my mind lately.

Tomorrow – Hwanhee

From Over the Rainbow drama. My fav part is the chrous part which is translated in English below. I luv hearing Hwanhee’s voice. His songs really put one in such a sad mood.

~Tomorrow Tomorrow
Will my feelings be able to touch you
Those words I still haven’t said
Those words my heart wrote and sent out to you
That I love you and for you to come to me ~

I Cry – Son Ho Young

From Son Ho Young’s first album, this song became one of my fav immediately after I heard it. I already feel sad just by listening to the first lines. He looks so serious when he was performing it on stage.

~Though my heart hurts so much I feel like I’m going to die
Though I miss you so much I feel like I’m going to die~

A Love to Kill -L.e.e Soo Young

From A Love to Kill drama, this is the theme song of course.

It’s Still Love – Shin Seong Hoon

From A Love to Kill drama. This songs makes me feel really so sad that I make me want to stop whatever I’m doing and just listen along to the end. I feel like crying when I hear this.

~Love, is my love that bad?
Love brings happiness, but here I am crying
Why me, why am hurting so much?
I’d give everything away, if this love was permitted~

Even through My Heart Hurts – Fly to the Sky

From Fashion 70 drama. I’ve never watched the drama before but I like this song a lot.

~Even thought it hurts I laugh like this
It’s the first time my eyes have been satisfied.
My heart is swollen with the tears I’ve kept inside,
but if it’s for you, I’ll be alright…~

Always – Ha Dong Gyoon

From Nine Tailed Fox drama. I didn’t like this song at first and considered it boring but I became attached as I got hooked on the drama.

~You don’t have to forget that we are always together
And also, you don’t have to cry
you prepared your love for me
don’t speak, I can see the feelings in your eyes.~

Song for A Lady – HOT

I don’t remember hearing this song in the Autumn Tale drama but then I wasn’t that much interested in kdrama songs.

Gonna Be Alright – Shinhwa

There aren’t much Shinhwa songs which are sad and among them this is my favorite. I like the way they sing Gancharnaryo.

~I’m alright, I’m alright
I’ll be hurting for a while but i’ll stop
I think about our memories freely..~

GOD – Lie

I have forgotten to add this song to my list till I heard it in my Korean class. My teacher was teaching us a Korean song and later she played this song. Too bad she didn’t teach us this one. I guess I’ll have to try to sing this on my own.

credit : for lyrics translation

credit : solid07 + z-degrees + kpopper + madyjune


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