Happy New Year!

On New Year Eve, I stayed home and barely even noticed that the clock turned 12 till someone shouted Happy New Year on the street. I was the only one awake in the house except for my brother who went out with his friends. We don’t celebrate new year at my house so new year eves are always like this, either I’m asleep or I’m awake listening to City FM.
On New Year day I read Michael Crichton in the morning and made an arrangement to meet a friend at her house downtown. I met my sister on the bus and we went to downtown together. I chatted with my friend and left her house to go to China Town. I was hoping to buy Beautiful Days drama but I could only find the Chinese dubbed version.
I was about to go home but I remember my father asking me to buy roasted duck for him. He didn’t tell me the shop name and said it’s near Sule Pagoda. So there I was walking back and forth along Anawyahtar Road till I found the shop. But then the chicken wasn’t ready and they said it’ll take awhile. So I had to walk back to Pansoedan and come back home empty-handed. I wanted to buy him something to eat that day but he said he only wanted to eat that chicken roast. Maybe next time I go to downtown, I’ll buy it for him.
I get a lot of holidays in the past month and this month also. January 4th is Independence Day so our office will be close. I think I’ll be home again this holiday also.

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