Random Thoughts

I’m really supposed to be finishing my work this evening. I was working on it the whole day and I thought it was finished but I was told that I was supposed to work on a new one instead of editing the old one. Darn, why wasn’t I told earlier?

I can’t concentrate on my work and the main reason was because I’m surfing for icons of TaeYang from Big Bang. I’ve become a bit obsessed with Big Bang lately and he’s my fav among them. I wasn’t into them at first when they came out and that was because I didn’t listen to their songs much. I became interested after seeing My Girl mv in which TaeYang’s the only solo singer in there beside the rapping by G-dragon and Tempo. I am a bit disappointed that I can’t find much pics of his icons online. Looks like I’ll have to create my own. I’ll post his pictures later after I start my collection.

Ah…I should be going home now. I’ll finish my work tomorrow. I got until noon. I got UFL class tomorrow evening. We moved to a new one which is located on the 4th floor. The good thing is there are no more mosquitoes but the bad thing is you have to climb all the way to the top and by the time you come down, it’s hard to catch the bus from the outside the gate.

On Thursday, I’ll be only working for half-day. I have an important even to attend to :D. It’s Ye’ Lay birthday and he’ll be celebrating his party with a mini concert (stage show) at Kandawgyi starting from 5pm. I don’t need to pay stage show fees. I just have to bring something to donate to orphans. It’s really great that he’s celebrating his birthday with us fans and he’s doing it for free. And also he wants us to donate stuffs as a way of giving presents to him.

Aish…it’s almost 7 o’clock. Looks like I’ve been forgetting the time. Normally, I leave earlier and at least I was aware that I should be leaving soon.


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