Which Star ARe You From OST

01 . 우리 사랑일까요?
02 . Miracle – MtoM
03 . 언젠가 그날이 오면…
04 . 사랑하고있네요 – Mc the Max
05 . 후회 – 나영주
06 . 사랑하고 있네요 (Instrumental ver)
07 . Sweet Love – 이재호
08 . 비
09 . Miracle (Slow ver)
10 . Whenever
11 . 울어보면… 불러보면… – 나영주
12 . 산책
13 . 후회 (Instrumental ver)
14 . 끌림 – The A.D
15 . Day by Day
16 . Miracle (Instrumental ver)

Romanized Tracklist

01. Princess Story
02. Miracle – M TO M
03. Uhn Jen Ga Geu Nal Ee Oh Myun…
04. Sarang Ha Go It Ne Yo – M.C. The Max!
05. Hoo Hwe – Na Young Joo
06. Sarang Ha Go It Ne Yo (Instrument Ver.)
07. Sweet Love – Lee Jae Ho
08. Bi
09. Miracle (Slow Ver.)
10. Whenever
11. Ool Uh Bo Myun… Bool Ruh Bo Myun… – Na Young Joo
12. San Chaek
13. Hoo Hwe (Instrument Ver.)
14. Ggeul Rim – The A.D
15. Day By Day
16. Miracle (Instrument Ver.)


4 thoughts on “Which Star ARe You From OST

  1. hello there!thanks for uploading the soundtrack of my favorite koreanovela,
    jst wanna ask about the other song the song that played during the happy times of the late ms.lee and mr.choi, those zoo moments of their?please send me about it at my email yel_ann16@yahoo.com..thank you!!:D

  2. sorry..i haven’t really watched this drama..i only saw a couple of episodes so i don’t know what song u are referring..u might want to check out the additional songs at soompi forum’s drama ost topic

  3. Hey Shannen,

    I have updated the tracklist now. I didn’t know this blog at wordpress is popular as my main blog is at blogger and nobody posted comments there about album downloads.

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