My Plan for February

I know I’ve been lagging behind with updating my blog lately. I’ve been quite busy to write anything except a couple of posts in forum and the internet had been quite slow, barely able to use it during work time. I had to doing a sort of meditation when surfing the net, taking my breath in as I pressed enter, release and taking another breath in while press refresh. After pressing refresh for five times, I lost my patience and started cursing at the connection. Well, so much for meditation….

I’ve been taking leaves from work on Saturdays for three weeks, having attending some tuition to prepare for PSA exam for MOFA. I took the same exam last year, didn’t pass but still haven’t given up hope. So far I’ve managed to study abit while the electricity is down. I can’t seem to concentrate on studying when the electricity is on. Maybe I should thank the EPC for cutting the electricity. Fat chance. The electricity only comes 6 hours a day. Today the electricity comes from 5:00 Pm to 11:00 pm. Then it will go out and only comes back at 11:00 am the next day to 5:00 pm. Then it went out again and comes back at 5:00 am to 11:00 pm the next day. While others parts of the city is getting electricity for like nearly 24 hours, the rest of us are suffering from it. Whenever a fire breaks out, most of the cases are related to electricity blackouts.

Anyway, I’ve been preparing for the exam memorizing the texts and forgetting the next day. Otherwise, I’ll be watching Death Note or My Sister in law is 19. I was introduced to Death Note by Tommy who kept mentioning alot about in her posts in forum and Ko Mg Yoe shared some links to download the anime. I watched the first episode of the anime first and was hooked on to it. I watched the first part of the Death Note movie and can’t help liking Kira even though he’s the killer but I don’t like him that much in the anime. Since I decided (or at least tried to) not to watch dramas and movies with the computer to concentrate on the exam, I’ve been watching them during my free times at work. When people are sitting around me or crowded around me, I watch the anime and when they aren’t around, I watch the kdrama. It’s kinda annoying when you are watching a drama and someone notice that you are doing so and started crowding around you, watching from the back. I learned my lesson with Sweet Spy drama.

Ah…just 2 more days till the end of the month. I’m looking forward to get my pay roll but I know I’ll be receiving less than usual as I’ve been taking 3 leaves this month. I need to go to Yuzana Plaza as usual to buy blank cds and dvds. I won’t be able to buy any dvds there ‘cuz I heard there was a raid and 6 people were captured for the illegal distribution of dvds. At least that’s what I heard from the dvd shop downtown. I guess I will just buy one from Hledan but sometimes they charge extra for popular dvds even though they are the same price. I wonder what I should buy. I know I won’t have time to watch them but I still like collecting kdramas to watch someday when I get the time. There are still a lots of drama to buy. Pretty soon, I would be able to setup a kdrama rental shop according to my mother.


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