What I’ve been doing lately

I admit that I haven’t been updating this blog lately. Internet connection has been quite slow lately and I have to use proxy site to write at my blog. Also, I’ve been quite busy with work and reading NativeMyanmar during my free times. I can’t seem to get away from my own two topics about TV dramas and say something here about celebs. I barely have time to surf other topics.

A few weeks ago, my classmate from UFL asked me to burn her some Korean drama songs and some English songs. Since I have most of the drama songs, I said I’ll burn them for her. This Monday, she gave me 2 slips of paper, writing down all the albums and songs she wants. I had no problem with the Korean albums and I felt like crying when I read the English song list. There are total of 74 songs on her list. Luckily, I am able to find them from multiply. I hardly listen to English songs so if someone ask me where to download them, I didn’t know what to answer.

While I’m working, I’ve been downloading a lot of kdrama & kmovie osts to start a new collection. I borrowed my kdrama collection cds to someone from UFL and she still haven’t return them so I think it’s better for me to start my own collection again. I’ll be sharing those songs later, probably via multiply. The download is a bit slow but the links are valid and I won’t have to worry about reuploading them later.


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